Does Romina furniture comes with warranty?

Yes, Romina furniture comes with a standard 1 year limited warranty for wood assemble and hardware parts. Some items or hardware may come with additional extended warranty from their original manufacturer. Exclusions or limitations may apply.

Does Romina furniture contain any harmful chemicals or toxic emanations?

All our furniture is made of 100% solid wood, organic glues and all natural ingredients. Our finishes are water-based and free of Lead, VOC, Formaldehyde or any other toxic emanations.

Where can I purchase Romina furniture?

Romina furniture is currently available through fine independent specialty stores across US, China and Romania. For retailers located in US please visit our Dealers section.

What happens if a product or finish is discontinued?

Unlike most other “manufacturers” we actually own our production facilities and do not outsource our business anywhere else. In the event a certain product will be discontinued, we will always be able to custom manufacture a certain product of finish for our customers’ convenience.

How can I best see what the actual finish looks like?

The best way to see how the finish looks is to visit one of our specialty retailers who have in store floor models as well as a complete finish chart. Due to graphic or print limitations actual finish may slightly vary from the color swatches show on our website or brochures.